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Equal Access

Equal Access to Political Candidates Policy

Kingsborough Community College, a college of The City University of New York, will provide for equal access to all candidates for public office to use its facilities.

If a candidate for public office is invited to speak on campus in connection with his or her candidacy for office, all other recognized candidates will be provided the same or comparable opportunity to speak. Internal Revenue Service rulings applicable to tax exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) have recognized that while a tax exempt organization is prohibited from using its financial resources, facilities or personnel in support of a particular candidate during an election campaign, a forum which provides fair and impartial treatment of candidates, and which does not promote or advance one candidate over another, is acceptable. Members of the University community retain the right of all other citizens to free speech, including taking positions on public issues, and as individuals to support and vote for candidates for public office.

College facilities may also be rented for partisan political purposes including fundraisers. When this occurs, the political organization or candidates will be charged the fair market rental value for the use of the college's facilities.