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New Americans Center

Legal Services

The New Americans Center (NAC) provides free immigration legal services to Kingsborough Community College and the surrounding communities. 
The Center has an on-site attorney, legal staff with training and expertise in immigration law.  The staff provides legal information and guidance and assists with the filing of applications with USCIS.  Individual legal consultations can be scheduled to determine eligibility for immigration benefits and to provide guidance and referrals for more complex immigration matters. 

The Center offers the following legal services:

  • Legal Screening of Eligibility for Immigration Benefits
  • Naturalization  Applications
  • Green card  Renewals 
  • Temporary Protected Status Renewals (TPS)
  • Family Based Petitions
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA)*
  • Fee Waivers for eligible applicants on eligible applications.
Mondays & Thursdays 
By appointment only

To make an appointment email: and/ or 

OR fill out the online formand one of our representatives will contact you to schedule an appointment

New Americans Center

2001 Oriental Boulevard
Brooklyn, New York 11235
Office Location:T8-108C

Hattie Elmore, MSW

Program Director

Erick Myssura, Esq
Managing Attorney 



Legal Services and referrals for asylum, deportation, battered spouse, and waivers. 

To speak with a New Americans Center representative during remote learning please call  (718) 368-5600,  to make an appointment email: and/ or 

OR fill out the online formand one of our representatives will contact you to schedule an appointment

The Senator José Peralta New York State DREAM Act gives undocumented and other students access to New York State‐administered grants and scholarships that support their higher education costs.

The DREAM Act opens the doors of higher education to thousands of students, providing access to the new Excelsior Scholarship, the Tuition Assistance Program, as well as other state‐administered scholarships that were not previously available to them.

Learn More

The Center assists eligible lawful permanent residents with the completion and filing of applications for naturalizations also known as the N-400.

To become a United States citizen, applicants must have resided in the United States as lawful permanent residents continuously for at least three years for those qualifying through marriage to United States citizens, and five years for others. Applicants may also qualify through service in the United States military. Such applicants are subject to different residency requirements.

In addition, applicants must be persons of good moral character and in cases where applicants have been arrested, the Center often advises such applicants to obtain records of such arrests and or convictions before a decision is made whether to file the application or not. All applicants for naturalization must be 18 years old and must have a basic knowledge of U.S government and U.S. history. For further information and assistance, contact the New American Center at:

New Americans Center
2001 Oriental Boulevard
Brooklyn, New York 11235

Office Location:T8-108C


For lawful permanent residents whose alien cards are expiring and or have expired, the Center assists with the process of renewal. Quite often, this process involves the filing of a form I-90.

However, it is possible that the filing of a form I-90 could trigger institution of removal proceedings against lawful permanent residents who may be deportable because such person may have been convicted of certain criminal offense, usually an aggravated felony or two or more crimes involving moral turpitude.

Again, the Center assists applicants seeking renewals who do not jeopardize their immigration status by  filing such applications.


U.S. citizens who wish to file visa petitions for their adult children and siblings can with the assistance of the Center submit these visa applications.

In addition, lawful permanent residents (green card holders) may also file visa petitions for their spouses and unmarried children less than 21 years-old.


United States citizens as opposed to lawful permanent residents can file immediate relative petitions for their spouses who are in the United States or overseas.

These petitions require a series of forms and supporting documentation. The Center offers legal assistance to individuals who would otherwise be unable to complete the process without the services of a private attorney.

The forms required for spousal petitions and application for adjustment of status where the beneficiary is in the United States generally are forms I-130, G-325, I-485, I-765 and form I-864. Where the beneficiary-spouse is overseas, only the forms I-130 and G-325 along with supporting documentation are to be filed.


Because of limited manpower and other resources, the Center is unable to offer court appearances and or representation in deportation cases.

However, the Center is able to advise individuals with deportation matters about their legal rights and refers such individuals to agencies that offer low-cost or free immigration services.


The Center is able to provide legal consultations regarding U.S immigration law in a wide range of issues. Immigration law is complex and very dynamic that often times, immigrants and would-be immigrants find it hard to comprehend.

The Center is composed of an experienced immigration attorney experienced in a wide range of issues regarding immigration law.

The Services offered are free of charge. Filing fees paid to U.S Department of Homeland Security for those applying for one benefit or the other are paid by the applicant If the applicant is eligible for a fee waiver the Center can assist in obtaining a fee waiver.