We are now accepting applications for Fall 2020.

Kingsborough is operating. 

Classes and employee work have switched to online and remote environments.

Please call 718.368.6700 to speak with a representative or email us at OneStopCenter.KCC@kbcc.cuny.edu

Choose a date and time that works best for you and we’ll call you!

How to apply online
Supporting documents
International students
Applying only to Kingsborough

Go to www.cuny.edu/application to apply online as an undergraduate. You are a freshman if you have never taken any college or university classes and a transfer student if you have. (College Now students should choose freshman.) This video walks you through the CUNY application process:  https://youtu.be/0yXv5x65veM.

Be sure to print a copy of your completed application once you’re done: It contains your new 8-digit CUNYfirst ID number, also known as an EMPLID.

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After applying online, you’ll need to send the following supporting documents to the University Application Processing Center.  You’ll need to provide the 8-digit CUNYfirst ID number on your application when submitting your supporting documents.

If you’re applying only to Kingsborough, you’ll need to submit:

  • High school transcript or proof of high school equivalency degree (GED or TASC). If you graduated from a public NYC DOE high school, provide your 9-digit OSIS number when applying so your high school transcript can be sent electronically.
  • College, university and/or proprietary school transcript (transfer students only)

If you are also applying online to other CUNY colleges (you have the option of choosing up to six colleges), you will also need to send:

  • Standardized test scores
  • Recommendations, personal statements, and other supporting materials
  • Supplemental application for selective programs

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (freshmen or transfer applicants with foreign documents):
If your documents were not issued in English, CUNY requires a word-for-word translation before they can be evaluated.

All translations must meet the following conditions:

  • Complete and literal (word-for-word) with no attempts to interpret or evaluate the credential
  • Prepared in same format as the original document
  • Typed on business or school letterhead stationery
  • Signed by a translator attesting to familiarity with the foreign language

Official translations may be obtained from the following:

  • Consulate or embassy of the country that is issuing the document
  • Translation agency
  • Immigrant or refugee association in the U.S. representing the country issuing the document
  • The institution where the student studied
  • Faculty member of U.S. high school, college, or university (must signify his/her academic department and rank)

CUNY does not accept translations from the following:

  • The student or members of his/her family
  • Individuals not affiliated with any of the organizations listed above

OPTIONAL: You can choose to have your documents translated and evaluated, for a fee, by either Josef Silny & Associates, Inc., International Education Consultants (www.jsilny.org) or Transcript Research (http://www.transcriptresearch.com/CUNY).

PLEASE NOTE: UAPC will make the final decision regarding evaluations and admissions recommendations.

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If you’re applying only to Kingsborough, we can help you complete your application in person.  Come to Room V-100 in the Regina S. Peruggi Academic Center (Village One-Stop Center) with the documents below during business our hours.

Monday -Friday     Remote/Online

You must bring:

  • Official high school transcript (not opened) stating graduation date or original GED/TASC diploma with scores attached. If you graduated from a public NYC DOE high school, bring your 9-digit OSIS number so we can download your high school transcripts electronically.
  • Application fee: $65 for freshmen (no college or university background); $70 for transfer students (students who have attended college/university or other programs). Credit/debit cards or check/money order (payable to UAPC) only. No cash.
  • Proof of MMR immunization (mumps, measles & rubella) if you were born on or after January 1, 1957.

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If you have questions about applying or college programs, an admissions advisor can help:
718-368-4600 | info@kbcc.cuny.edu.