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Credit/No credit Policy

To provide students with flexibility during the ongoing pandemic, The City University of New York has extended the use of the Credit/No Credit Policy, originally enacted for the Spring 2020 term, for the Fall 2020 term. To help students continue their academic progress during these challenging times, Kingsborough has adopted the policy for the Fall 2020 (including Winter 2021).

At Kingsborough, for the Fall 2020 A and B (winter 2021) terms, students have the option to convert earned grades of B+ through D into a Credit (CR) grade and an earned grade of F into a No Credit (NC) grade. Certain classes, are excluded from this option due to licensure, accreditation and/or pre-requisite requirements.

The credit/no credit designation may not be used for the following classes:
Excluded Courses List (pdf)

Things to keep in mind:

  • Students can choose to convert one, some or all of their course grades, as long as the course has not been excluded from the policy for fall 2020.

  • Students applying for entrance into the Nursing or Allied Health Programs, as well as those already in enrolled, are strongly encouraged to maintain letter grades in the pre-requisite and required courses (not choose the CR/NC option). Opting for a CR grade for Fall 2020/Winter 2021 instead of maintaining the letter grade in a course may impact your ability to meet the expected admission and/or retention criteria of the program.

  • Credit (CR) and No Credit (NC) grades are not calculated into the GPA at the college and will not affect academic standing.

  • Grade of A+ through A- cannot be converted to CR.

  • Transfer of credits for courses with a CR grade are guaranteed within CUNY. However application of the credits toward certain programs that have individual requirements may vary.

  • Institutions outside of CUNY may choose not to award transfer credits as per their individual policy.

  • Students who receive a grade of INC for courses that are not excluded during Fall 2020/Winter 2021 will have 20 days after the grade has been posted to change the grade to a CR/NC.  Detailed instructions will be posted here shortly.

  • International Students should contact Patrick Wong at or through the International Student Virtual Front Desk to explore how using the Credit/No Credit Policy may effect visa status.

  • VA Students should check with the Military and Veteran Affairs Office at to explore how using the Credit/No Credit Policy may effect benefits.


How to Opt-in


Policy Questions

Questions regarding Credit/No Credit Policy should be sent to

Financial Aid Office

 M-F 9am-5pm | 718-368-4644 |

     Financial Aid Virtual Front Desk |M-F 10am-4pm

     Virtual Evening Hours | T & W 4pm-6:30pm

Or contact Irene Altreche



Liberal Arts Academy

Phone 718-368-4806



Education & Justice Academy


Email: Education&

Business Academy



Health Sciences & STEM Academy




ASAP students contact your ASAP advisor


Martha Greasley, ASAP Associate Director of Advisement


College Discovery

College Discovery Students contact your CD counselor


Brenda Vargas, Director