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From College for Kids to our 50+ Wellness Program, our department serves over 25,000 students a year.

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Continuing Education Program

The Office of Continuing Education designs its programs to accommodate the needs of working professionals by offering flexible schedules, small class sizes and affordable tuition. Through a wide range of comprehensive certificate programs such as Healthcare, Accounting, Paralegal, Event Planning and EMT, we are committed to providing salient career opportunities in a challenging job market. Register for you classes today!

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Room T4141
For information call (718)368-5052
To register over the phone call (718)368-5050


Student Testimonials:

“Being in a classroom full of students from all over the world is fascinating and amazing. I love all my teachers. They are very helpful and very dedicated to us. I could not imagine a better program.”
~ Fatima Stour on the Kingsborough English Language Institute (KELI)

“I personally thank you for inspiring our dreams, and thank you for putting so much work into planning your presentation and planning to come to our school.” 
~ Bitya Andrade on the College Experience

“This has been an exceptional program that exposed me to the expectations and demands of the job market and brought me right into the core of it all. You gave us the groundwork and exposure we needed to help us put our unique personalities to work. I truly thank you and your team for giving us exposure and for all the great services you provided for us.” 
~ Cyrina Murray on the Customer Experience Management (CXM) Academy