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Retiree Group

Mission Statement for Retiree Group

The Office for College Advancement maintains a relationship with the college's retirees, both staff and faculty.  It operates via an organized committee of retirees known as the Retiree Group.

The Retiree Group provides a channel for communications between Kingsborough retirees and the college.  Its goal is to maintain an effective relationship between Kingsborough and its retirees so as to involve them in the promotion and support of KCC.


  • To promote fellowship and exchange of information among KCC retirees.
  • To encourage KCC retirees to maintain their identity with the College through the activities of the Retiree Group.
  • To keep retirees informed about campus events and issues.
  • To arrange for volunteer services to the College for members desiring to provide such services.
  • To encourage charitable donations to the KCC Scholarship Fund and other college appeals.