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New Utrecht High School

New Utrecht High School

By: Student Advisory Board Members - Islam Aly & Michael Konigsberg

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As the sun kisses the morning sky, New Utrecht High School opens its doors calling in students for a vivid, and delightful college experience. With a choice of exhilarating and educational courses to broaden their knowledge, students are involved in engaging thought processes which will deepen their understanding of the world through the college experience.

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Students enhance their awareness of the world around them by taking selected courses such as Humanities and Social Sciences. Such classes enable students to acquire a better understanding of things of which they may not have been aware. They are exposed to the fine arts, the development of societies and cultures, and much more. From Picasso to Monet from Vivaldi to Beethoven, students have been exposed to various aspects of culture, all to teach them to keep an open mind and to make them think outside of the box.

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For those students who happen to be more interested in the sciences or math, they also have the opportunity of selecting from courses such as science, mathematics, or even business. The variety of courses offered are a fundamental key; College Now classes cater to all students therefore a student has the choice of picking what they wish to study. This enables the students to earn college credits and enjoy the class as well.
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What makes for an interesting class? The students and the teachers. New Utrecht has bright and motivated young men and women, and an extraordinary staff of teachers. Both working together hand-in-hand to make the College Now program a successful one. Image 5 Teachers of the College Now classes bring to the classroom knowledge and enthusiasm. There is never a dull moment. They make you laugh even when you think it's too early in the day to function! If students are having difficulty understanding something the teacher will assist them. They make sure that all their students understand what is going on and are enjoying the class. They treat students as college students and teach them the responsibility and what is to be expected as they embark on their journeys into college.

Image 6Although College Now may start very early in the day, that hasn't discouraged New Utrecht students from joining the program. Students come every morning at 7:20 and act as college students for approximately forty-eight minutes. They exit the classes with knowledge, experience, and memories of their high school-college experience.

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