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James Madison High School

James Madison High School
Brooklyn, New York

By: Student Advisory Board Member - Marissa Schain

Image 1College Now at James Madison HS initially can seem intimidating and exhausting to any junior ready to enroll for a spring term course. Students feel that with a full day of classes, no lunch period, stress generated by the SAT's, college planning, and maintaining a high average, no time is left for an extra class. Six different subjects, more or less, can seem tedious enough. Additionally, a 7:15 a.m. class may not be enticing to most students.

Fortunately, Kingsborough Community College recognized the concerns of students and considered them when creating the curriculum of College Now. The classes it has to offer are not just another period in high school; College Now classes are different than regular classes because of their unique subjects. Only college textbooks are used and each student can earn up to three credits per class. Lectures and aim-less boards at first appear unfamiliar to the high school students, but this new experience is worthwhile.

James Madison is known for its wide array of studies and College Now does not disappoint. Since 4,500 students go to JMHS, Kingsborough adjusted to these conditions and hoped to satisfy each attentive student. Some classes that are offered include Behavioral and Social Sciences, Communications, Business, and Student Development. Teachers follow a different curriculum than the rest of their classes at Madison and use text books that analyze each topic more intricately. It is a true college experience.

My first College Now class, "Behavioral and Social Sciences" studied the outlook of society through cultural and individual views, as well as through social functions. What is and is not accepted in society today? How are cultures formed? What makes each culture and sub-culture distinct? I had never studied this topic before. I realized that as each class included interesting views through statistical and experimental analysis, and as each chapter presented more ways on how our world is developing, I knew that this was my favorite part of my day, and College Now was the right choice for me.

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Could you believe almost 5,000 people come here everyday?
Ms. Chess presents information and answers questions of juniors enrolling in College Now for the 2007 spring term.
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In Mass Communications (COM 11) students analyze contemporary advertising in magazines. Advertising today seems not to focus on the featured product, but rather on the images surrounding it, such as models wearing less and less clothes. Sometimes, the images and the product at hand are completely unrelated.