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Edward R. Murrow High School

Edward R. Murrow High School
Brooklyn, New York

By: Student Advisory Board Members - Frances Mitelman and Kira Tait

The College Now Program at Edward R. Murrow grants out students the opportunity to experience college level courses other than AP (Advanced Placement) courses. Students at Murrow, who participate in the program, are allowed to earn college Edward R. Murrow HS credits with teachers we are familiar with. Murrow students are eager to take College Now courses. Many feel that it is a step in the right direction when it comes to preparing for college. Juniors and especially seniors get the real taste of a college course, as opposed to taking regular courses with a high school curriculum. Through courses like Sociology and Criminal Justice, students are able to interact with others while learning about topics that are not touched upon in their regular classes.

Edward R. Murrow HSWhether it is in the early morning or late in the afternoon, students at Murrow are dedicated to their courses. Many sacrifice other after school activities for College Now, which makes the passing grade at the end of the semester even more worth while. When asked, College Now students say "waking up earlier was a pain" or "staying after school was annoying, but in the end it was worth it."

Edward R. Murrow HS

College Now is not just an educational experience; the program allows our students to take on a new sense of responsibility. Regular high school students may neglect their work and dedication to school. However, students enrolled in the College Now program are able to gain a higher sense of responsibility as college students. College Now has taught many how to be mature and how to handle courses that require dedication and effort. At Murrow, teachers treat their students like college students in a college setting. Teachers are prepared with lessons that are structured to challenge the minds of students, which enable the students to expand their way of thinking, a trait that is needed for higher level learning and the real world.

Edward R. Murrow HSEdward R. Murrow HSWith dedicated teachers at Murrow, the students are motivated to take and continue to enroll in our College Now program.

College Now is an amazing program that enables students to learn and grow, while preparing them for college and the real world. Enrolling in College Now is a choice that you will never regret. For Edward R. Murrow High School students, this is definitely true.

Edward R. Murrow HSEdward R. Murrow HS