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William E. Grady High School

William E. Grady High School
Brooklyn, New York

By: Student Advisory Board Members - Catalina Lucero, Hugo Orellana

CN LogoThe joy of waking up to go to our job which is basically school for us, our paycheck comes in knowledge and also helps us prepare for the future. Eventually after so much time here at school it becomes our second home. Why not push yourself even further though? Don't you want to have a little taste of what is coming up ahead? Experience what it's like in a college classroom? That's where a program offered in 30+ high schools around New York City is worthwhile taking. This program is known as COLLEGE NOW!
William E. Grady High School
In William E. Grady where we currently attend, we have three College Now courses.

COM 11: Mass Communications - Instructor Ms. Willis.
In this course, you learn about the different ways of media worldwide. If you are interested in the history of television, film, radio etc, this is the class you MUST take.

ENG BW/W: Foundations for College-Level Reading - Instructor
Mr. Downes.

In this course, you are prepared for what is done in college - writing papers. This course is very helpful if you want to improve your writing skills.

MATH: Introductory Mathematics - Instructor Ms. Glozman
This is a course for those who say "I need some extra support so that I can pass my Regents and graduate from high school". In this class, you will get the help to pass your Geometry regent and graduate on time. If this is for you, sign up for it!

To sign up for these classes you can talk to our College Now Coordinator, Ms. Chaplin, located in room 138. She will gladly help you with anything that you need, greatest person in the whole school! We Love Her.

College Now Benefits!
Over 60,000 students have taken advantage of this program. Research shows that College Now students outperform students who don't participate. The College Now Program has A LOT OF plus sides and here they are!

  • Earn higher scores on college basic skills entrance exams
  • Are more likely to enter baccalaureate programs
  • Earn more degree credits per semester in college
  • Have higher grade point averages in college
  • Have significantly higher on-time graduation rates
  • Earn college credits
  • Improve basic skills
  • Experience college while in high school
  • Attend classes at your own school at a time convenient to your schedule
  • Save on registration, tuition, and book fees

Here are some examples of what our school's classrooms look like for those who make it into College Now.

William E. Grady High School

(Photo left) This photo is from a College Now class, Mass Communications. Here you see students doing group work, which is seen a lot in college projects. Projects are something professors like to do so when college comes, we know we can work together with our classmates. As you can see, everyone has their own role in this picture and they look like they are eager to finish first.

(Photo right) Ms. Willis, helpful as always, tries to explain to her students using examples from our Communications book. Course textbooks are provided to College NWilliam E. Grady High Schoolow students for free by Kingsborough Community College. In college you have to buy your textbooks.


William E. Grady High School
(Photo Left) Working hard for that A! All students are dedicated to their work, with pens in hand they have fun writing in class.