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Brooklyn Studio High School

Brooklyn Studio High School
Brooklyn, New York

Our College Now Experiences and Benefits
By Student Advisory Board Members - Stephanie Conover & Melissa Stein

Brooklyn Studio HSBeing a small school, Brooklyn Studio High School tends to lack specific programs compared to other high schools. However, one thing that this school does not lack is college preparation. With the help of Kingsborough's College Now Program, students can step foot in a real college class in their very own high school. Because these classes tend to take place early in the morning, you can tell that the students who take advantage of this program are determined to get all the college experience they can. Not only do the students get free college credits, but they also gain higher education in some very interesting subjects.

Brooklyn Studio HS

The first College Now course we took was College Planning (1 credit). We must say out of all the College Now courses we took part in, this was the most valuable in terms of our future. This class set students on a steady path towards college. Everything we needed to know for and about college we learned in this class. Ms. Gandino taught every one how to apply to colleges, important college terms, how to write an admissions essay, and much more. Not only did we learn about college, but we also learned about ourselves. During this class, we reflected on ourselves as individuals and gained the confidence to become leaders. The College Planning course taught us knowledge that we will not only carry with us to college, but for the rest of our lives.

Brooklyn Studio HSCurrently, we are taking the Sociology (3 credit) College Now course. This course has opened our minds to many different aspects of human relations. It has also further increased our interest and passion for psychology. With the help of Ms. Verch, we are able to understand why some people behave and think the way they do. We lBrooklyn Studio HSearn how little things such as family income, can shape a person's personality. Although there may be a lot of notes, we are all determined to pass the class with flying colors. Sociology has also helped us better learn how to write a college level essay. Ms. Verch is very critical and precise on grading, pointing out everything we need to improve. This is very helpful for students so we can fix our mistakes and perfect our papers for when we are actually in college.

Being a part of Kingsborough's College Now Program was one of the best and well worth experiences of our high school years. It has taught us valuable skills that have better prepared us for college. Not only do you learn college skills and earn college credits, but you also gain knowledge in interesting subjects such as Humanities, Mass Communications and Sociology. With this program, you gain skills and knowledge that will carry on with you throughout your life. It is a great program that we are proud to be a part of.