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High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology

High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
Brooklyn, New York

By: Student Advisory Board Member - Mariya Rafailova

At the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology (HSTAT), students are able to take college courses and receive college credit for them during the school day. This is made available through Kingsborough Community College's College Now Program.

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College Now activity at High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology

HSTAT appreciates the College Now Program. Mr. DeMartini, Program Coordinator, Ms. Gonzalez, Counselor and Ms. Fiore, Representative are the three main people at HSTAT who make sure that the school's College Now classes are in good shape. Currently, there are seven distinct College Now classes at HSTAT. The classes include BSS 1 Behavioral and Social Sciences, COM 11 Mass Communication, ENG BW Foundations for College Level Writing, MAT 20 Statistics, MAT 01 Introductory Mathematics, SCI 1 Issues and Adventures in Science, and SD 11 Orientation to College. College Now classes are offered during the first period, four days a week.

Mr. Crowley is the new Behavioral and Social Sciences class instructor. Ms. Demoleas, who taught this class at HSTAT in the past received a promotion this year. Mr. Crowley who now teaches the class appears excited about the new experience and he is really committed to his work. Presently, he is in graduate school getting his degree in Sociology, so, teaching a Sociology class is a big plus for him and his students as well. Mr. Crowley runs the class as a college class and helps students understand by having them do various activities/games related to the topic. Mr. Crowley helps his students understand individuals and their actions and interactions with each other. This is now one of the most interesting and popular classes for students in College Now.

There is more than one enjoyable College Now course at HSTAT. Mr. Nolan's Elements of Statistics (MAT 20) course is a great aid to students in Advanced Mathematics who need to pass the Math B Regents Examination. Topics taught in the Statistics class such as standard deviation and probability appear on the Math B Regents and College Now students are more familiar with those topics. Furthermore, taking this class during high school saves the individuals interested in pursing careers in business, education, psychology and more from taking this course in college. Having Mr. Nolan teach the course is a privilege because his sense of humor and intelligence make the course beneficial and enjoyable.

There are too many amazing classes to list. At HSTAT, every single College Now course is useful and well taught by the remarkable teachers chosen to be a part of the program. The instructors are serious about their work and about sharing their knowledge with their students. With the sponsorship of Kingsborough Community College and the Department of Education, HSTAT is able to offer challenging classes in a warm environment.