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Araham Lincoln High School

Abraham Lincoln High School
Brooklyn, New York

By: Student Advisory Board Member - Zeenat Davis

Abraham Lincoln HSHigh school in itself is stressful. Between our classes and after school programs, most of us do not have the time that is needed to worry about college. With the help of the Kingsborough College Now Program, it has become so much easier. With the help of the College Now Coordinator, Mr. Pagliarulo, Lincoln students are offered a wide range of college classes. Although the classes are offered fairly early in the morning, the benefits really make the classes worth while. Abraham Lincoln HSDue to the time that these classes are offered, it really becomes clear that the students taking the classes really value and want to pursue a higher education. This program is truly something that should be and is utilized to help students gain free college credits. Through the program students are given the options of business, sociology, humanities, to name a few of the classes offered. College Now also offers classes to help students perfect the skills that they will need in college.

Abraham Lincoln HSBeing that this was my second year of taking College Now classes I found that it had become easier to get up for the early classes. With my first College now class Sociology (BSS 1) I was told to examine many things about my environment and question just what makes us conduct the acts we perform on a daily basis. I studied people like Charles Manson and looked at how the act of terrorism is looked at in different cultures. Now in my current class, Mass Communication (COM 11) I have learned to examine Abraham Lincoln HShow communication effect us in every aspect of our lives. In addition to that I have learned to really think about how far our right to free speech and free press really goes.

College Now brings students closer to a future with endless possibilities. College Now offers students a chance to gain credits and gain an advantage in the highly competitive world of College Admissions. Not only is it beneficial to take these classes just to save money, you as a person are opening yourself up to different subjects that you could later turn into a college major. There is no denying that the classes are in the early morning but in order to really excel at these classes, there is a level of dedication that is just as important as attendance.