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Franklin D. Roosevelt High School

Franklin D. Roosevelt High School
Brooklyn, New York

Through the Eyes of a College Now Student

By: Student Advisory Board Members - Viktoriya Sionov & Sajeda Belayet

"Dee, Dee, Dee" the sound of the alarm clock at five in the morning is not the most pleasant sound one wants to hear early in the morning. But for the students enrolled in the College Now program at Franklin D. Roosevelt HighSchool, it is the so called "sweet" sound waking them up so they can get ready for another adventurous day in a College Now course.
As I walk the half empty hallways of F.D.R. High School, I pass one of the writing classes provided by the College Now program. If only I could finish up my term paper due next week in my class. I heard it was a really helpful class in improving one's skills at writing. Maybe it would have helped me improve my skills so that I could write at college level.
As I walk further down the hall to get to my College Now class which is science, I come upon my old College Now course, sociology. Boy did I love that class and, especially Dr. Rutigliano. His teaching methods were phenomenal. One thing I will never forget was his lesson about seeing the "numenon" of things. Now that I think of it, that was a really good SAT word.
Finally I reach my science class. "Pee-ewww, what is that terrible smell?" As I slowly open the door to my science course, I see the College Now students performing actual dissections on sheep hearts. I doubt a surgeon gets up this early in the morning to operate but we College Now students wake up with full alertness and energy to perform actual dissections. I look at the faces of my fellow classmates, all dissecting the organ with full attention and focusing on performing the dissection as perfectly as possible.

Last week's eye dissection was much easier than the heart, which is so muscular. I wonder how the brain will feel. I guess I will experience that dissection in two weeks. Boy I can not wait! This class definitely narrowed down my choice of study in college. I love this class and I just might major in biology in college.
Well I have come to the end of my road in having the most experience I could get out of all the College Now classes offered at F.D.R. High School, but just because my road has ended, it does not mean it's the end. It is only until next semester, when a new group of ambitious students attend the annual College Now Orientation in the hope of having the best experience they can have out of a College Now course. This year alone we had over 700 students take a College Now class. Perhaps next year the number will increase, since word is getting out on how beneficial and wonderful an experience College Now can be. Anyway, I have to get going before I am late to my class.


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