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Q: What is HURFS-RC

​​A: The Historically Underrepresented Faculty & Staff resource Center(HURFS-RC) was established at  Kingsborough Community College(KCC) in the Fall of 2019. The co-creators  and co-directors are Dr. Keisha Thompson and Dr. Kevicha Echols.

​​Q: Why does HURFS-RC exist?

​​A: The focus of the center is to increase retention of faculty and the advancement of staff from underrepresented groups at Kingsborough Community College. The main component for the HURFS-RC is to develop a supportive and collegial community while addressing barriers to equity at KCC. The center exists to address these barriers through a focus on mentorship, training, leadership opportunities, and addressing the campus climate at KCC. 

​​Q. What barriers do historically underrepresented faculty and staff face?

​​A: At Kingsborough the following barriers have been identified:

  • ​​Inequities in training, and recruitment and retention of both faculty and staff
  • ​​Limited or inadequate integrations into academic community and/or isolation 
  • ​​Lack of environmental and departmental support
  • ​​Implicit and explicit biases

​​Q: How does the HURFS-RC address these barriers?

​​A: The center focuses on three foundational areas to address these barriers:

  • ​​Sustained and Committed Mentorship
  • ​​Stakeholder Trainings & Leadership Opportunities
  • ​​Campus Climate 

​​*Click here to learn about our mentoring program and collaborations

​​Q: How can I be involved in HURFS-RC?

​​A: Members of the Kingsborough community are invited to participate in our programs and events. Members of Historically Underrepresented groups at Kingsborough are encouraged to participate in mentorship circles, and can also apply to be mentees. All members of our community are invited to apply to be mentors.