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The KCC Food Environment Project aims to collect data about our our food environment(s), answering the question:

What food defines your neighborhood?

Contribute to this map by posting a photo on Instagram using #kccfoodmap in your caption. You must include a location, and your profile must be public.


KCC Food Map is funded by the KCC President’s Faculty Innovation Award. Society’s interest in food system issues has prompted new tracks of study within universities and community colleges, new positions in municipalities, attention from media outlets and calls for food justice from social activists, academics and political figures. With food as a starting point, everyone can, and often does, engage in food system discourse. The KCC Food Environment Project works to arm students with information about, and experience in, analyzing the local food systems through participatory research relevant on both a personal and societal level.

The KCC Food Environment Project will develop a pedagogical approach to participatory research through the lens of food and place. Students will observe and document the role and presence of food within their local communities—where and how food is bought, sold and consumed; where and how it is disposed of; where and how people eat, etc. By exploring their communities and observing businesses, restaurants, individuals, and the larger city, students will develop an understanding of the breadth of social and environmental implications of local, and distant, food systems.