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Frequently Asked Questions

  • New Start is a program designed to assist students who have had academic difficulty at certain cooperating senior colleges (see Question 2).
  • Students eligible for New Start are admitted to Kingsborough as students in good academic standing. They may enroll in any of Kingsborough's degree programs and may register for day, evening, or weekend classes on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • Up to 30 previous college credits can be applied toward an associate degree at Kingsborough, with no prior grades carried over.
  • New Start students are offered specialized counseling (see Question 4).
  • Graduates of the program are guaranteed admission to a CUNY senior college they have not attended previously. Also, they may apply for admission to any non-CUNY college or appeal readmission to their previous college (see Question 6).

A student is eligible for admission to Kingsborough through the New Start Program if he/she:

  • has not attended Kingsborough previously (except in high school programs such as College Now);
  • is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (students on a temporary visa are not eligible);
  • has a grade point average below 2.0 and/or has not passed the CUNY skills assessment tests within the required time at one of the following cooperating senior colleges
  • is transferring from one of the cooperating senior colleges below, which must be the last college the student attended:
Adelphi University
Baruch College
Brooklyn College
City College
College of Staten Island
Hofstra University
Hunter College
John Jay College
Lehman College
LIU Brooklyn
LIU Post
Medgar Evers College
Monroe College
New York City College of Technology
New York Institute of Technology
NYU Poly
Queens College
St. Francis College
St. John's University
St. Joseph 's College
SUNY Buffalo State
SUNY Cobleskill
SUNY Maritime College
SUNY at Stony Brook
SUNY Potsdam
SUNY Old Westbury
York College

How do I apply?

If you believe you are a candidate for the New Start Program, please complete the CUNY online application only at the Kingsborough One-Stop Center in Room V100.  You will need to bring: 

  • Official transcripts from ALL colleges attended
  • Proof of high school graduation (if you have completed less than 24 college credits) or GED
  • Proof of immunization
  • A check or money order (no cash) for the application fee of $70 if required

New Start student who participated in SEEK, HEOP, and/or EOP programs at his/her previous college MAY be eligible to participate in the College Discovery Program (CD). In order to determine eligibility for the program, potential students need to submit a completed Transfer Request Form from their previous SEEK, HEOP, and/or EOP program to the College Discovery Office in room L516 and meet with the CD Associate Director. If student is deemed eligible, they are provided with academic, personal and financial aid support services and must agree to utilize the program's support services.

New Start Counselors are available to assist students with the transition to KCC and as they progress towards graduation. Counselors are equipped to help students with academic, career, personal, and transfer concerns and issues.

Furthermore, the college offers remedial courses, workshops, and tutoring for students who need help with passing the CUNY reading, writing, or math assessment tests. Tutoring in most other subjects is also available.

NO ABSOLUTELY NOT. Being a student in the New Start program will not erase any prior grades or GPA from any prior colleges attended. Although Kingsborough will not count your previous grades or GPA, your transcript at your previous college remains unchanged. New Start Counselors provide transfer counseling to help students make the best transfer decisions.

While readmission to a college where you were on probation or academically dismissed from, may not be guaranteed, doing well at Kingsborough will greatly improve your chances. Check with your previous college(s) for information regarding their readmission policies. When you are ready to apply for readmission to your previous college, ask a New Start Counselor for assistance.

A New Start counselor or a faculty advisor from your major will help you choose your courses during the registration period. Please bring a copy of your transcript or grade reports to advisement to avoid duplicating courses for which you may receive transfer credit.

To receive transfer credit, you must apply for Advanced Standing. Kingsborough will transfer only those credits that are applicable to the degree that you intend to pursue. A maximum of 30 credits may be transferred.

Only students from the cooperating senior colleges listed under question #2 are eligible for New Start. However, students from other colleges may apply to Kingsborough as regular transfers and get some of the same benefits, such as acceptance of up to 30 credits without transferring grades. Contact the Academic Village Center at 718-368-6700 or email for admission information.

If you were enrolled at Kingsborough during any time after high school (except on permit), DO NOT apply for New Start. Instead, file an application for readmission in the Registrar's Office (Room A-101). If you attended a senior college after attending KCC, you can apply for transfer of your senior college credit after you are readmitted.

Yes. There is no time limit on eligibility. Contact the Academic Village Center when you are ready to apply (please be mindful of application deadlines).

If you believe you are a candidate for the New Start Program,
please complete the CUNY online application 

 Call: 718-368-6700 or e-mail