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Documentation Guidelines

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Please remember to upload any documentation that you have to support your request for accommodations, on the application page itself.

Students with a disability, who request services or accommodations, will be asked to provide appropriate documentation to support their requests. Examples of documentation include, but are not limited to, a history of previous supports in high school (e.g., IEPs, 504 Plans, teacher/counselor observations/reports), medical records, accommodations received in the workplace, and reports from appropriate professionals (e.g., medical specialists, mental health therapists, learning specialists).

Submitted documentation will be used in conjunction with student self-report to obtain a comprehensive picture of student needs. In determining whether a requested accommodation is reasonable, AAS will consider the student’s disability, history, and experience, and the unique characteristics of the course, program, or activity.

Submitted documentation should:

  • Be from a qualified professional with expertise in the specific disability.
  • Include the professional’s name, title, professional credentials, including state licensure or certification number.
  • Be dated.
  • Be signed by the professional responsible for the documentation.
  • Contain diagnosis information. 
  • Be current. Disabilities may change in severity over time and documentation should support current accommodation needs.
  • Include recommendations and rationale for accommodations that are based on analysis of how the diagnosis impacts the student’s functioning.


If you have any questions about documentation, please consult with the Director of Access-Ability Services by phone at 718 368 5175.