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From academic and social, to identity-based and special concerns, the more than 30 student organizations at Kingsborough Community College reflect the diverse interests and activities of both day and evening students. Student organization involvement can introduce a student to new cultural experiences, help develop valuable leadership and organizational skills required in all aspects of life, and can lead to lasting friendships and community building. The number and types of student organizations change constantly as students’ interests and concerns change.

Student Life hosts an Involvement Fair every Fall and Spring semester specifically for interested students to interact with the student organizations in person or virtually. 


Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

List with Descriptions

Club Descriptions
Accounting Society The purpose of the accounting society is to provide its members with professional development in the field of accounting and also in developing the traits of a strong leader.
Cartoon and Anime Club The Kingsborough Cartoon and Anime Club is an organization for Kingsborough Community College students interested in learning about different cultures through different cartoon styles of our native countries. We hope to expose people to this art form by sharing our knowledge with fellow students and family members.
Antheon  Antheon is the sole published creative arts project of our student body and its success is to the great credit of our students. The book includes poetry, photography, drawings, graphic arts, collages, and musical compositions by KCC students from every department.
Art The purpose of this organization is to foster an interest in art for the individual members and the student body at large.
Bilingual The purpose of the Bilingual Club is to promote multicultural and multilingual studies. We provide opportunities for students to understand cultural diversity and global interactions as well as developing their leadership skills.
Brothers United The Brother’s United Club is an organization to assist the Men’s Resource Center to build community among students identifying as male at KCC.
Business Society The purpose of Kingsborough students Business Society is to provide opportunities for learning, training, and development through experiences external to the classroom including lectures by experts in both the public and private sectors. Field trips to businesses, expositions, and seminars are part of our mission.
Ceramics The purpose of the Kingsborough Ceramics Club is to promote a mutually supportive and active learning environment for students to make and learn about ceramic art.
Chi Alpha Epsilon The Chi Alpha Epsilon honor society was formed to recognize the academic achievements of students admitted to the college through non-traditional criteria and who are admitted to opportunity programs such as College Discovery, TRiO, and many others.
College Discovery The purpose of the College Discovery Club is to bring students interested in the College Discovery Program together while being inclusive of non-College Discovery students. We plan to have fun events including discussions, lectures, and social functions that will be interesting to all students.
Common Ground The mission of Common Ground is to bring Kingsborough students together over common issues of interest, including current events, cultural events, and political action.
Community Health This club will emphasize the promotion of higher education, the enhancement of communication between students and faculty, and the provision of support for incoming students in order to forward the promotion, protection, and preservation of health within the school community.
Education Club The Education Club is a space for students to come together to learn more about child development, parenting, teaching, and working with youth. We are a close-knit community that comes together on a weekly basis for conversation. We are committed to planning community service events each semester to advocate for our community, important topics in education, local schools, and more!
Entrepreneurship The purpose of this club shall be to provide a conduit by which students can access relevant entrepreneurial resources, network with prominent community entrepreneurs, and share ideas. To this end, the club is dedicated to furthering understanding about new or small businesses, and about entrepreneurship in all businesses.
Gaming Culture The Gaming Culture Club is an organization for Kingsborough Community College students interested in furthering their understanding of the gaming culture and making other members of the Kingsborough Community College community aware of this culture.
Hillel The Hillel Club is to expose students to the fundamental cultural and ethical ideas, values and attitudes of Judaism and its writers and thinkers. We also want to share the ethical-religious teachings of Hillel the Elder (first century), known for his negative formulation of the Golden Rule (“What is hateful to you do not unto the neighbor’’), his pursuit of peace, and his wisdom combined with righteousness. 
Honors The purpose of The Honors Club is to provide a forum of cultural advancement, career development, educational enrichment, and fundraising for students interested in intellectual stimulation and the opportunity to work and socialize with like-minded students.
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Biotechnology Club The KCC ISPE Club will act as a gateway for students interested in biotechnology and other industries pertaining to the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering(ISPE). We will connect students interested in these professions with information, resources, and opportunities through the ISPE organization.
KCC Veterans Club Dog Tags shall provide guidance, aid, and fellowship to students who are veterans. We will give support to veteran students in the pursuit of their studies and provide information based on various benefits and opportunities available to them.
Kingsborough Theater Arts This club shall exist to acknowledge and promote an interest in theater and film through visual arts and related activities.
LGBTQ+ Alliance Our mission is to promote and preserve safety, education, and political activity by, for, and about the LGBTQ+  community on campus and off, as well as, unification through diversity.
My Turn The purpose of  this organization shall be to promote educational and social activities for KCC students in the My Turn Program (aged 60 and over).
Muslim Students Association MSA provides enriched environment for Muslim students to develop a sense of community and raise awareness about Islam. We provide and maintain prayer spaces on campus and foster positive interactions with other clubs and college resources. MSA facilitates various events for Muslim students and wider college community to promote charity, building bridge between Muslims and non-Muslims, celebrating Muslim holidays and open Islamic faith centric dialogue.
Newman Catholic The Newman Catholic Club builds appreciation for the Catholic faith for Catholics and non-Catholics by social, spiritual and service activities.
Nursing The purpose of The Nursing and Health information center club is to keep nursing students and all other interested students informed about changes within the field of nursing.
Photography The purpose of The Photography Club is to enjoy the benefits of photography in a social atmosphere. 
Recreation The Recreation Club is a major’s club for PERRT students but welcomes all interested students. The club provides exciting opportunities for students to learn how to plan, organize, and run events and recreation programs. These opportunities help build leadership skills, teamwork, confidence, and a commitment to sharing creative and positive experiences for the KCC community. Occasionally, students also coordinate with local community organizations and conduct programs for various special population groups.
Scepter Scepter is a student newspaper serving the Kingsborough community of students, faculty, and staff . The purpose of the student newspaper is to serve as a communication medium between the students and various constituencies of the college. Scepter also helps the student government and other campus organizations serve the KCC student community.
Students Unlimited The purpose of this organization is to share information, advocate, and confront issues of concern to students with disabilities. Students Unlimited is meant to be an active and positive social outlet.
Student Government Association (SGA) The KCC SGA shall exist to represent the interests and concerns of the Kingsborough Community College student body, to develop and nurture reciprocal channels of interest and communication between KCC students, faculty, staff, and administration regarding campus affairs and programs, and to serve as a forum for the discussion of matters pertaining to the welfare of students at the college.
Surgical Technology  The Surgical Technology Club fosters an appreciation for the occupation while exploring opportunities and practices within the field.
Tourism and Hospitality Club To foster a closer relationship between Travel and Tourism Majors so that different ideas and methods within the travel industry may be known and discussed. To enable individuals the opportunity to share in a group experience with a common interest. To also develop a sense of professionalism among Travel & Tourism Majors and to coordinate various functions such as lectures, discussions, and socials of particular interest to Travel & Tourism Majors.
WKRB WKRB is KCC’s campus radio station and has been broadcasting since the spring of 1978. We serve a community of over 3 million people. Our aim is to reach as many people as possible with programming that is creative and professional, and which also serves as training for students seeking to make broadcasting their career.