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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Professor Billies MH31 Principles of Interviewing and Group Leadership
  • Professor Hallmark MH35 Gerontology
  • Professor Olvina MH30 Human Services

Contact each professor individually on the Contact Us page.
You can also use

Click on the link for the Mental Health Club

 Field Internships

The semester before you want to do your field internship.

We often send required documents and information the email address you have in CUNYFirst.
Your KBCC address is the default.

You may miss emails that could keep you from doing your field internship. You can link your KBCC email to the email address you use.
You can also choose a different “preferred email address” in CUNYFirst settings.
Contact Technology Assistance for help at or phone, 718-368-6679.

You will be contacted by professor Caroline Hallmark. Email her with questions at

  1. You must have a minimum of 30 credits with a passing grade.
  2. Among those 30 credits (or more), you must have passed 3 MH classes from the following list:
    • MH11,
    • MH31 or MH34
    • MH30 or MH35
  3. You cannot have an F, W, FINC or INC among 30 credits or eligible MH classes.
  4. You must be in good standing with the MH program.

You must be available for the full internship hours.
There are a variety of choices in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions.

Missing any more than 15% of a class results in a WU withdrawal. For your field internship, this means you are allowed up to 2 excused absences (to be determined by the professor).
You will fail if you miss any more than 2, including lateness. This is because you must put in the required amount of hours according to New York State.

Some internship require these and other medical documentation, others do not. PPD tests must be at least one week apart and must be done before the internship starts.

Some internships require these, others do not.