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Benefits for Faculty

Benefits for Faculty

What opportunities are available to all Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology faculty through KCC - LSAMP?

Faculty Mentor program

Adjunct or full time faculty members who wish to participate as a mentor to a student would be eligible to receive an award of $250.00 per semester per student for supplies.

Research grants

Research grants are available to Full time faculty members only. These competitive awards consist of the following:

  • The Research Initiation Program (RIP) grant is designed to support the initiation of research by a faculty member
    • Grant duration: one academic year and a summer
    • Released time: 3 hours
    • Summer salary: $3,000.00
    • Research supply money: $ 250.00 each semester during the first year
    • Must submit an annual progress report
    • Student involvement in the summer is optional
    • Must seek continued funding through LSAMP.
  • The Research Articulation Program (RAP) grant aims to promote articulation and research.
    • Grant duration: two academic years and two summers
    • Released time: 3 hours in the first year, 6 hours during the second year.
    • Summer salary: $3,000.00
    • Research supply money: $250, each semester during the first year; $750.00, each semester during the second year
    • Must submit yearly progress report
    • Must seek continued funding through LSAMP Renewal Application
    • Student involvement during the academic year and the second summer is required
  • Faculty RIP and RAP grant applications for the academic year 2004-2005 are placed ON HOLD this semester. Further information will be distributed as soon as made available.

Non-Applicants or Non-Recipients of RIP/RAP grants are encouraged to be aspiring SMET students.