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Audrey Cohen


BA 11 Fundamentals of Business
 Section D04D (11:30), D06E (12:40), D09F (1:50) (pdf)

BA 11 Fundamentals of Business 
 Section D04D (11:30), D06E (12:40), D09F (1:50) (pdf)

BA 33 Business Communication
 Section DO1B (9:10) Section DO2C (10:20) (pdf)

BA 33 Business Communications
 Section DO1B (9:10) and Section DO2C (10:20) (pdf)


Doctor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Master of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Bachelor of Arts, Radcliffe College

College Teaching

Kingsborough Community College

Marymount Manhattan College

Harvard University

Baruch College (CUNY)

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources

Cohen, Audrey. Teaching Elementary Statistics to Community College Students in an Introductory Business Course: A Case Exercise. International Journal of Case Method Research & Application. 19: 1. (2007) 3-6.

Cohen, Audrey. Teaching Performance Appraisal to Community College Students Studying Business.  The International Journal of Learning.  13: 2. (2006) 177-180

Cohen, Audrey J. Blending the Old with the New: Teaching Freshman Writing in the Computer Laboratory, (2005).  In Hans Klein, (Ed.), Creative Teaching: ACT 8 (pp. 23 - 27). Madison, WI: Omni Press.

Cohen, Audrey J. Taking Service Learning Abroad, (2003). In Hans Klein, (Ed.), Interactive Innovative Teaching & Training (pp. 125 - 129). Madison, WI: Omni Press.

Cohen, Audrey J.  Service Learning in an Introduction to Management Course, (2003). The International Journal of Learning, Vol. 10,

Cohen, Audrey J.  Promoting, Designing and Teaching an Undergraduate General Education Course on the Natural Environment: A Management Educator’s Perspective, (2003). In Hans Klein, (Ed.), Creative Teaching: ACT 6 (pp. 51 - 60). Madison, WI: Omni Press.

Research Interests

Business Education

Service Learning

Environmental Issues

Personal Interests