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Student Wellness Center


The Student Wellness Center is here to promote student success.  One way we do this is through fun and educational workshops that help students to learn about themselves and to grow personally and academically.    Counselors or supervised mental health interns provide 45-60 minutes workshops on a variety of topics including stress management, math anxiety, procrastination, and adjusting to college.   To schedule a workshop, please complete the Workshop Request Form (see below).  

Due to increased demand for workshops and limited counselor availability, we request that you meet the following requirements: 

All workshop requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the date you wish to hold the workshop

  • Due to high volume, only one workshop is allowed per class.  Requests for more than one workshop will be handled on an individual basis, pending counselor availability.   

    Professors are expected to be present on the day of the workshop. 

If you have any questions or would like to request a workshop or a presentation, please contact:
Ilona Fridson, Program Manager, Student Wellness Center at (718) 368-5996.  To request a workshop, please fill out the Request for Workshop form (click on below link) and submit the form to Ilona Fridson, Student Wellness Center, A-108 (mail code: CG) or fax it to: 718-368-5057. 

Click here for the Workshop Request Form (PDF Format): Workshops Request Form 

Workshop Descriptions 
Below are the descriptions of the workshops offered by the Student Wellness Center: 

Making Time for Stillness (Mindfulness) 
College students can be under a significant amount of pressure and high levels of anxiety and stress. Learning about alternative meditative approaches, including eating mindfulness can help students to focus on the present moment and reduce anxiety and stress levels. This workshop seeks to explore the idea of mindfulness, practice some techniques, and learn how to apply it to students’ everyday lives. 

Adjustment to College & Building Resilience 

This workshop focuses on the first year of the college experience which can be life changing and stressful for many incoming students. The goal of this workshop is to provide an environment where students can learn and discuss their transition thus far and notions about the college life experience. Exploring resilience which means ‘bouncing back’ from stressful situations as well as maintaining healthy lifestyles will also be incorporated.

Finding Your Element: Resilience, Motivation, & Growth
Some students have the ability to improve their academic skills, but lack the motivation to perform in the midst of adversaries. This workshop can help students to identify their strengths and use them to overcome their weaknesses. Motivation is defined as a set of interrelated belief and emotion that influence a direct behavior. Resilience is the dynamic interaction between perceived risk and range of protection coping skills that provide an individual with the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity and thrive in everyday life. This workshop on motivation can improve resiliency in students and increase growth to success.  

How to Succeed in Math

For many students, math produces feelings of dread and anxiety. Math anxiety is a common and sometimes serious problem: it causes students' minds to go blank and their reasoning skills to be blocked by anxiety or even panic. This workshop will help students to explore their own experience with math throughout their lives. This workshop will educate students about the many different ways to succeed in math. The workshop will teach students various study techniques and will offer tips on learning positive thinking prior, during, and after the test. Students will have an opportunity to share their own helpful hints and learn some new information from the facilitator. Follow up for students will be offered through the counseling center.

Keeping on Track!
For many students, time management is extremely difficult and they find themselves falling into negative procrastination. It is important to note that not all procrastination is negative! It is difficult to balance out daily life responsibilities with school work. Learning how to manage time in effective ways can aid students to succeed! No one enjoys stressing over getting work done the night before! Working on classwork at their own pace, can allow a student to get more thoughtful work done while also meeting their other responsibilities. The goal of the workshop is to aid students in discovering the tools necessary to manage their time, and normalize their procrastination. Tips will be given on how to personally schedule not only class work, but other responsibilities as well, as well as prioritizing! This workshop will not only show students the benefits of time management, but aid them in discovering how they can learn to manage their time and their responsibilities. Such benefits include, but are not limited to; stress reduction, accomplishing goals, increased energy, increased productivity, and overall, better health!