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Our Approach

Kingsborough is committed to providing all of our students with access to high-quality educational opportunities as well as the support they need to reach their educational goals. We have adopted the Starfish Student Support Network as a tool to ensure that student success can be achieved through a collaborative process including students, faculty, advisors and administration.

Starfish is designed to create a focus on each individual student’s progress and needs, support students at every step of their journey, and work to resolve problems at the earliest possible stage.

The links below are designed to provide guidance about Starfish for students, advisors and faculty. Please click the appropriate link to learn how Starfish can help you on the path to student success!



Starfish is an efficient tool to facilitate many types of communication between students and advisors, including making an appointment with your advisor and raising a flag for your advisor to know you need help. Faculty and Student Support Staff, including advisors, use Starfish to raise concerns, send kudos of congratulations and refer students to campus resources.
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Starfish provides advisors with tools in order to identify students who are experiencing challenges in the classroom and provide significant assistance at an early stage. Students can easily schedule appointments with their advisor using Starfish.


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Starfish facilitates each faculty members’ role as the key to student success. Faculty can easily raise flags when issues first appear notifying the student and their support network including advisors. Making recommendations for academic support in a trackable and transparent process allows for timely intervention and follow-up. 
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