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Campus News


Student Government Strut Their Stuff
By Claudia Kassab

This spring, the KCC Student Government hosted an open house event to spread awareness on campus and recruit students interested in becoming actively involved in student activities.

With a table situated in the Breezeway, the Student Government provided detailed information about the club as well as distributed Student Government pins.

Along the way to the cafeteria, it was hard to pass by without recognizing the rest of the tables each representing a different council.

KCC Students Stealing from MTA?
By Mashido Eghaghe

In the past decade, the MTA has increased the transportation fare from $1.00 to $2.25 and have canceled one day fun passes, unlimited weekly and monthly metro cards.

The agency is doing this to bridge the sizable deficit its facing. Commuters that depend on the MTA are feeling the heat, but some understand why the changes are necessary.

The MTA deficit could be attributed to some commuters who indulge in riding the buses for free.


Welcome Back Party Failure
By Marlene Gomez

With Glow sticks being handed out, it's easy to assume it must have been one heck of a welcoming party.

However, the lack of dancing and energy proved it to be anything but. Students attended KCC's Welcome Back Party, but the vibe was lacking.

This was the second Campus Activities Board (CAB) event of the year. Compared to last month's Valentine Party at KCC it did not rise to par.

Some who might have been attending a KCC party for the first time might have been disappointed.

KCC's Access Resource Center: Free Tax Prep And Legal Advice
By Ronni Hua

Advertising has expanded and managed to slip into every facet of campus life. If you haven't noticed them it's because we have all learned to ignore them.

The Access Resource Center posters should not be ignored. The service it offers comes from humble beginnings, when Heidi Lopez, Access Resource Center coordinator, handed out flyers in the hallways and answer your financial questions.


KingsBrew Tales
By Ryan Muir

The MAC building, well known for its scenic view of the bay, the clamorous halls full of artwork and beautiful sunshine on a good day, is also notorious for its one-stop Kingsbrew Starbucks Coffee.

It's a popular spot for students and faculty alike.
Although the seating area isn't too small, Kingsbrew is so popular with students and faculty alike, that one is often lucky to find an open table.

Besides its excellent customer service from barista Beatrice Geste, and its delicious hot coffee, what makes this small caf great?

Open Mic a Success
By Sandra Castro & Nick Nuzhny

The Women's Center Program Manager, Frances Robinson, and Access Resource Center Coordinator, Heidi Lopez, hosted the Open Mic event above the cafeteria in room U-220.

The Liberal Arts Council provided this event with free refreshments and delicious food for everyone to enjoy.

This wonderful event was filled with spectacular performances by the student body. They sang, poetry, danced, played music and recited poetry.

Republican Club Hosts Anti-Abortion Panel
By Robin Frankel

License to Kill: The Abortion Scourge event drew an impressive audience of at least 100 people ranging in age from teen to senior citizen with views ranging along the entire political spectrum.

Despite its title the views of the majority of the speakers were that abortion should be legal for victims of incest or rape and for women whose pregnancy puts their life in danger.

LGBT Issues on Campus
By Maria Panskaya

Kingsborough faculty and staff held a meeting under the leadership of Steven Amarnick, associate professor in the English Department, where they discussed various Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) issues and incidents on campus.

There are many LGBT students on campus; some of who do not feel comfortable, because of who they are. They don't feel secure telling anyone their sexual orientation. Prof. Amarnick and other professors are trying to find a solution to this problem.