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Message to the Campus


Special Message to the College Community


From: President Claudia Schrader
Friday , June 30, 2023

Dear College Community, 

I wish I can say that I am surprised about the Supreme Court's recent decision on the use of race in college admissions. Given what is happening across the country with regards to book bans, anti- DEI policies and anti- LGBTQIA legislation, eliminating race as a determinant for admissions was not a stretch. 

Still, in the face of this very disheartening news, it is imperative that Kingsborough Community College remains fertile ground for all learners, be they adult learners, first generation students, students who never thought that a college education was for them, students that were told that they would never succeed, or students who have been historically been unable to access the benefits of an education afforded to so many. ;

I know the supreme impact that higher education has had on my life just as you know the immeasurable impact the opportunity to access higher education has made on your lives. How incredible it is that we have Kingsborough, our classrooms, and our offices to transform the lives of the students that we serve.

I look forward to continuing to do this work with you.

- President Schrader