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Message to the Campus

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The Dawn of a New Academic Year!

Friday, September 8, 2023

Dear College Community,

It is the dawn of a new academic year! Today and over the next week we will welcome over 4500 continuing, 1900 new, 800 transfer and 300 readmit students to (and back to) Kingsborough.  On the horizon we know what awaits them: a world class education from an incredible faculty, unmatched support from an outstanding community of staff, and experiences both in and out of the classroom that will transform and enrich their lives. 

I want to take this opportunity to welcome the newest members of our faculty and staff to Kingsborough.  We are excited to have as part of our vibrant academic community.  

Colleagues, take a second to look at your hands. Your hands along with many others in Enrollment Management, Student Affairs, Student Life Academic Affairs, Advisors, IT, Administration, Finance, Recruiters, Admissions, Administrative Assistants, Buildings & Grounds, Athletics and on and on and on-- were integral in helping to attract new and bring continuing students and the college into a new academic year.  

Now we need your hands, all hands to engage in the important work of teaching, supporting and helping to retain students so that they can persist toward earning their college degree. In the 60 years since our establishment, we are still committed to our goal of making dreams come true. And you all are the dream makers.

I thank you for all you have done, and in advance for the incredible semester that awaits us.

Have a great academic year!

- President Schrader