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Midori Yamamura

Dr. Midori Yamamura


Visual Representations of the Cold War and Postcolonial Struggles 
Co-Edited by Midori Yamamura

Congratulations to Midori Yamamura on the co-publication of Visual Representations of the Cold War and Postcolonial Struggles, with Yu-Chieh Li.

"The essays and artworks gathered in this volume examine the visual manifestations ofVisual Representations of the Cold War and Postcolonial Struggles: Art in East and Southeast Asia postcolonial struggles in art in East and Southeast Asia, as the world transitioned from the communist/capitalist ideological divide into the new global power structure under neoliberalism that started taking shape during the Cold War. 

The contributors to this volume investigate the visual art that emerged in Australia, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Okinawa, and the Philippines. With their critical views and new approaches, the scholars and curators examine how visual art from postcolonial countries deviated from the communist/capitalist dichotomy to explore issues of identity, environment, rapid commercialization of art, and independence. These foci offer windows into some lesser-known aspects of the Cold War, including humanistic responses to the neo-imperial exploitations of people and resources as capitalism transformed into its most aggressive form.”