My Turn

My Turn is the name of a very special tuition-free college education program being offered at Kingsborough Community College. The college offers older adults a great opportunity to attend college tuition free. There is a registration fee of $80 which includes two semesters fall and winter or spring and summer. NY State residents 60 years of age or older are qualified to attend classes as non-matriculating students. If you are interested in matriculating, you must FIRST complete one full semester as a non-degree student.



My Turn Program at Kingsborough Community College provides older adults the opportunity to fulfill their academic and recreational goals and aspirations by inviting seniors 60 and older to join the campus community an audit elect courses tuition-free. My Turn underscores the necessity for seniors to maintain an active and productive lifestyle, promotes well-being, high self-esteem, independence among older adults, and provides a cultural and intergenerational experience for the entire campus community.