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Faculty Placeholder

Stephen Majewicz


Mathematics & Computer Science


Dr. Stephen Majewicz is a Professor in Mathematics at Kingsborough Community College. He began his teaching career at KCC as an adjunct lecturer in 1995. In 1999, he became a Substitute Lecturer. Two years later, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor and, in 2007, became a tenured Associate Professor. In 2011, Stephen achieved the status of Professor.

Stephen teaches various levels of mathematics courses such as College Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus I and II, Linear Algebra, and Discrete Mathematics. He has written four mathematics textbooks for courses at Kingsborough. In 2009, he coauthored a textbook about the COMPASS Entrance Exam with Dr. Anthony E. Clement from Brooklyn College. He recently published the graduate text "The Theory of  Nilpotent Groups", coauthored by Drs. Anthony E. Clement and Marcos Zyman from Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Stephen has a wide range of research interests which include nilpotent groups, exponential A-groups and nilpotent R-powered groups, combinatorial group theory, quantum computation and quantum algorithms, algebraic geometry, quantum mechanics, general relativity, and theoretical physics. He has published several papers in some of these areas and has given talks at various seminars. Stephen is a member of the New York Group Theory Cooperative at CCNY and is also part of the Group for Logic and Formal Semantics, led by Dr. Patrick Grim of SUNY at Stonybrook.

Besides mathematics research, Stephen proudly serves on the Board of Directors for the Guild for Exceptional, an organization which assists people with developmental disabilities.

Aside from his research, Stephen is very active in Kingsborough. He has received PSC grants which supported some of his research. In particular, he served as a co-PI for a major NSF grant supporting a program entitled "Community College Students Paving Future Careers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology". He has served on various college committees such as the Kingsborough Center for Teaching and Learning, the President's Awards Committee, and the CPE Committee. Stephen is also the Grievance Counselor of the local PSC Chapter.


CUNY Graduate Center Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics) (2004)

SUNY Stonybrook Master of Arts (Mathematics) (1995)

SUNY Stonybrook Bachelor of Sciences (Mathematics) (1993)

College Teaching

CUNY Kingsborough, Mathematics & Computer Science (1995-Present)

SUNY Stonybrook, Mathematics (Teaching Assistant) (1989-1995)

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources

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Research Interests

Nilpotent Groups
Exponential A-Groups and Nilpotent R-Powered Groups
Combinatorial Group Theory
Algebraic Geometry
Quantum Mechanics
Theoretical Physics
General Relativity

Personal Interests

Mathematics Research
Theoretical Physics