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Rachel Sturm-Beiss


Mathematics & Computer Science



Rachel Sturm-Beiss is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Her Ph.D. is in pure mathematics from The Courant Institute at New York University and she has a Masters in Statistics from McGill University. Her Ph.D. thesis, “The Arf and Sato Link Concordance Invariants“, is in the field of Algebraic Topology.

Dr. Sturm-Beiss enjoys teaching both mathematics and computer science courses. She is also interested in mathematical statistics and web-based programming, and worked as part of a team developing online medical error reporting software. Dr. Sturm-Beiss is currently involved in a web-based project,, a resource of math instruction videos, accompanied by database-driven exercise sessions.


The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Ph.D. in Mathematics

McGill University, Masters in Mathematical Statistics

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources

On the Presentation of Pre-Calculus and Calculus Topics, and Alternate View, The Amatyc Review, Vol. 30, Num 1, 2008, with A. Davydov

A Root Cause Analysis Interface of Error Reporting, SIGCSE Bulletin, Vol. 39, Num. 2, June 2007, with D. Sturm

A Visualization Tool for One and Two-Way Analysis of Variance, Journal of Statistics Education, Vol. 13, Num 1, 2005

Mastering the Compass Exam: Algebra, McGraw Hill, 2010, with J. Yarmish

Mastering the Compass Exam: Pre-Algebra, McGraw Hill, 2010, with J. Yarmish

Research Interests

Medical Error reporting systems

Teaching applets for mathematics and statistics

Web-design and programming advancements

Online teaching tools

Backcalculation models

Personal Interests

Painting with watercolor

Developing online instructional software