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Jane Weiss

Assc Professor



Jane Weiss is the Literature Program Director in the English Department at Kingsborough, where she teaches Themes in American Literature (English 7300 and English 7400), and academic writing courses including English 93 and English 1200. Her doctoral dissertation, ‘Many Things Take My Time’: The Journals of Susan Warner, was an annotated edition of Susan Warner’s diaries. Recent publications include "Manufacturing Eden: The Canals and Rivers of Lowell, 1820-1870” in Waterways and Byways: The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife (Ed. Peter Benes, 2014) and "'In the Mills, We Are Not So Far from God and Nature': Nature, Industrialization, and Spirituality in Nineteenth-Century New England" in Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture (2011); ”The Invisible Adjunct: Inverse Panopticism in the English Department” is forthcoming in Reading the American University, ed. Jonathan Silverman and Meghan Sweeny, from McFarland Press.