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Farshad Tamari


Biological Sciences

Farshad Tamari is a molecular geneticist. He received his honors Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Master’s (M.Sc.), and Ph.D. from the Department of Biology at York University in Toronto, Canada. He completed a three year post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Human Genetics and Genomic Sciences at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. He taught and conducted research at Kean University, in Union, New Jersey for two years as a full time faculty member before joining Kingsborough Community College. Farshad Tamari specializes in the molecular genetics of a plant breeding system called distyly and its associated self-incompatibility. The ultimate goal of his research is identification of molecules that confer self-incompatibility and the removal of reproductive barriers. Beyond basic research, his research has implications in increasing yields for commercially valuable plants such as members of primrose which have ornamental value and the promotion of breeding in plants that will be useful in the production of biofuels.


Farshad Tamari teaches Anatomy and Physiology, Human Genetics, Virtual Enterprise Biotechnology, and Introductory Biology at Kingsborough Community College

Bio 11 Anatomy and physiology I
BIO 13 General Biology I
BIO 14 General Biology II
BIO 37            Human Genetics
BIO 82            Biotech Virtual Enterprise



Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY, NY Postdoc, Molecular Genetics  2004-07
York University, Toronto, ON Ph.D., Molecular Genetics      2004
York University, Toronto, ON M.Sc., Molecular Genetics     2000
York University, Toronto, ON B.Sc., Population Genetics     1998


College Teaching

Kingsborough  Community College  (2000-present)

CUNY Kingsborough, Anatomy and Physiology I (2009-present)  

CUNY Kingsborough, General Biology I & II (2010-present)                                 

CUNY Kingsborough, Human Genetics (2010-present)                               

CUNY Kingsborough, Biotech Virtual Enterprise (2009-present)               

Kean University, Principles of Biology (2008)

Kean University, Genes, Organisms, Populations (2007)                  

Kean University, Principles of Genetics (2007-2009)                                   

Kean University, Principles of Genetics Lab (2007-2009)    

Kean University, Immunology (2008)

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources

  • Labonne JDJ, Tamari F, and JS Shore. 2010.  Characterization of X-ray-generated floral mutants carrying deletions at the S-locus of distylous Turnera subulataHeredity105: 235-243
  • Walter M, Chen FW, Tamari F, Wang R, Ioannou YA. 2009. Endosomal lipid accumulation in NPC1 leads to inhibition of PKC, hypophosphorylation of vimentin and Rab9 entrapment. Biol Cell. 101: 141–152
  • Tamari, F. and J.S. Shore. 2006. Allelic variation for a short-specific polygalacturonase in Turnera subulata: Is it associated with the degree of self-compatibility? Int. J. Plant Sci. 167:125–133
  • Tamari, F., D. Khosravi, A. Hilliker, and J. S. Shore. 2005. The inheritance of spontaneous mutant homostyles in Turnera subulata X krapovickasii and in Autotetraploid T. scabra (Turneraceae). Heredity. 94: 207-216
  • Tamari, F., and J. S. Shore. 2004.  Distribution of style and pollen polygalacturonases among distylous and homostylous Turnera and Piriqueta spp. Heredity92: 380-385
  • Athanasiou, A., D. Khosravi, F. Tamari, and J. S. Shore.  2003.  Characterization and localization of short-specific polygalacturonase in distylous Turnera (Turneraceae). American Journal of Botany. 90: 675-682
  • Tamari, F., A. Athanasiou, and J. S. Shore. 2001. Pollen tube growth and inhibition in distylous and homostylous Turnera and Piriqueta (Turneraceae).  Canadian Journal of Botany79: 578-591

Research Interests

  • Molecular biology and genetics of distyly and self-incompatibility
  • Molecular biology and genetics of Niemann-Pick Type C1
  • The role of fatty acids in the prevention of cholera infections
  • Studies of learning enhancement via use of various pedagogical tools

Awards Recognition, Distinctions and Grants

  • Latest (2010) publication was selected by Faculty of 1000 Biology as a selected reading. 
  • Latest (2010) publication had a commentary published in the same issue of Heredity about the significance of the research.
  • 1st place winner in the category of “Oral Presentation in Graduate Session”. Oral presentation for Master’s Defense by J. Tychowski. Fine Scale Determination of Fatty Acids and Cholera Toxin Concentrations for Application to Mouse Macrophages and Human Epithelial Cells.  Can Flax Help Prevent Cholera Infection? 55th New Jersey Academy of Science Annual Meeting 2010. Kean University. Union, NJ.  Award given to J. Tychowski (F. Tamari, supervisor).
  • 2nd place winner in the category “Physiology and Behavior”.  Poster presentation by Tychowski, J., Cobos, P. Lorentzen, L., and F. Tamari. April 17, 2010. Mucosal Immunity against Cholera Infections.  Studies of Fatty Acid and Cholera Toxin Concentrations on Cell Viability Using Mouse Macrophages and Human Epithelial Cells. Abstract for the 4th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.  William Paterson University. Paterson, NJ.  Awards to both J. Tychowski and P. Cobos (F. Tamari, supervisor).
  • 2nd place winner in the category “Graduate Poster Presentations”. Poster presentation by Tychowski, J., Cobos, P. Lorentzen, L., and F. Tamari. October 24, 2009. Optimization of Fatty Acid and Cholera Toxin Concentrations for Treatments of Epithelial Cells: Can Fatty Acids Provide Mucosal Immunity against Cholera Infections? Poster presentation for the Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists Conference. Brooklyn, NY. Award given to J. Tychowski (F.Tamari, supervisor).
  • 1st place winner in the category of “Cell and Molecular Biology”: Poster presentation by Perez, I. and F. Tamari,  April 04, 2009, 3rd Undergraduate Research Symposium at William Paterson University- including over $550.00 in various types of awards to Inidra Perez (F. Tamari, supervisor)
  • Third place winner: Oral presentation by Enechukwu, M. Haji, E., and F. Tamari, April 18, 2009, New Jersey Academy of Science Annual Meeting. Award given to M. Enenchukwu (F. Tamari, supervisor)

Institutional Affiliations / Professional Societies

  •  New Jersey Academy of Science lifetime member

Personal Interests