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Faculty Writing Circles

Faculty Writing Circles

To provide support for faculty scholarship, Academic Affairs will be offering semester-long writing circles for tenured assistant and associate professors wishing to apply for advancement.  The circles will meet three times during the semester, and will offer participating faculty a cohort of supportive colleagues with whom they can discuss their progress and receive feedback on their work.

Writing circles will be based on four disciplinary groupings intended to include faculty in the following departments (though the composition of disciplinary groups can be flexible, depending on the research interests of participating faculty):

  • Applied Sciences: Business, Library, Tourism and Hospitality
  • Humanities: Art; Communications and Performing Arts; English; History, Philosophy, and Political Science; World Languages and Cultures
  • Social Sciences: Behavioral Sciences; Communications and Performing Arts
  • STEM: Allied Health, Mental Health and Human Services; Biological Sciences; Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; Math and Computer Science; Nursing; Physical Sciences

So if you'd like support for scholarship, please join a writing circle!