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Courses Syllabus

College Now Courses

Department of Behavioral Sciences

CRJ 63: Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 66: Constitutional Law (Sample 1, Sample 2)
PSY 11: General Psychology
SOC 36: Race and Ethnicity

Department of Biological Sciences

BIO 37: Human Genetics
BIO 39: The Biology of Aging
BIO 70: The Science of Nutrition
SCI 1: Issues and Adventures in Science

Department of Business Administration

BA 11: Introduction to Business
BA 60: Introduction to Computer Concepts

Department of Communications and Performing Arts

HUM 1: Modern Humanities; Arts & Ideas
MCF 40: Film; The Creative Medium
MCM 30: Mass Media
SPE 11: Basic Communication Skills and Practice
THA 50: Introduction to Theatre Arts (Curriculum guide)

Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation

HE 14: Critical Issues in Personal Health
HE 35: First Aid and Personal Safety
HS 52: Human Sexuality
HPE 12: Concepts of Wellness (Health Science 100)

Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science

BSS 1: Behavioral & Social Science; The Individual & His/Her World
HIS 19: Civil Rights and Related Movements
HIS 68: Women in American History

Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

MAT 14: Analytic Geometry and Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MAT 20: Elements of Statistics

Department of Student Affairs

SD 10: Introduction to College Planning
SD 11: Career and Life Planning
SD 11B: Career and Life Planning in Health Care Professions
SD 12: Strategies for College Success

Department of Tourism and Hospitality

CA 1: Culinary Arts 1; Skills
CA 99: Culinary Concepts
MT 30: Introduction to Maritime Technology
TAH 1: Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality
TAH 19: The Business of Tourism and Hospitality
TAH 43: Event Catering Management
TAH 71: Introduction to Professional Food Service