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How To Enroll

How do I enroll my child at the Child Development Center?

The Child Development Center enrolls children without regard to race, color, nationality, gender, disability or religious background. Priority is given to children of matriculating Kingsborough College students.

In order to be considered for enrollment, student-parents must fill out one of our Waiting List applications. It is advised that parents complete a waiting list form at least one semester prior to when you wish to enroll your child. You will also be asked to submit your Kingsborough Community College ID Card when you submit your Waiting List application.

Where can I find a waiting list application?

Waiting List applications are available at the Center’s office in the Academic Village Building, Room V-105. You can also print out a copy by clicking the link below or calling the Center at 718.368.5868 and providing your email address, and one will be sent to you.

Waiting List Application

How do I know where my child is on the Waiting List?

Waiting List applications are time stamped when they arrive at the center. Each waiting list application is numbered with (to be confirmed)

When does registration take place?

New Parent Registration takes place at the end of every semester. The Center will contact all student-parents currently on the waiting list for a copy of their schedule—CUNYFirst schedules only.

If I submit my schedule, does that mean my child is enrolled?

Submitting a class schedule DOES NOT guarantee a spot in our Center.

If there is space available for your child and your name is reached on the waiting list, the Center will contact you via phone, email and text message to schedule a registration appointment.

What happens if I am contacted to register and I miss my appointment?

If you miss your scheduled appointment without contacting the Center ahead of time, your name will be moved to the end of the waiting list and we will move on to the next student-parent on the list.

What is the Child Development Center’s registration procedure?

Each of the Registration Packets contain writeable forms. If you are unable to type in any information in these forms, please contact the Center by email at and we can send you a hard copy of the registration packet by mail.

Registration Packet (new parents) Registration Packet (returning parents) 3-K and 4-K Registration Packet Returning Students

Parents/ Caregivers are required to complete and submit a registration packet within the allotted time period.

Do I need to pay a deposit to complete the registration process?

A one-time New Parent Registration fee of $10 AND a $20 deposit is required to complete your child’s enrollment. See the Tuition page for more.

Do I need to register each semester?

Yes. Parents need to submit their college schedule each semester. The Center sends out letters and posts flyers to inform parents of current parent registration. If parents fail to submit their schedule by the end of the current parent registration period, their child may not have a space for the upcoming semester.