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Child Development Center

Class Dojo

What is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is an app/website that our teachers use to communicate to parents throughout the week. Teachers post reminders, photos, videos, events, and any information the is important for the parents to know. Parents have access to their child's class and the school story. It is important to stay on top of checking both the class and school story to see pertinent information. Some information may pertain only to a certain class, for example the 4k teacher may remind their parents to bring back a family engagement assignment, whereas other information may need to be sent to the whole school, for example "Remember to get your child their flu shot before December 31st."

Communicating on Class Dojo:

Teachers can send messages and reminders to parents through Class Dojo. Parents can also send messages to the teachers as well. Why might you need to contact the teacher? Your child will be absent, your child left something in school, they will be getting picked up early or late (please also inform the front desk at 718-368-5868), you have a question, you would like to plan your child's birthday or volunteer for an activity at school, etc.