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Community Farm

KCC Community Farm and Garden (CFG)

The mission of the Kingsborough Community College Community Farm and Garden (CFG) is to provide valuable learning opportunities by promoting gardening, growing nutritious and sustainable food, and cultivating a greater sense of community.  The garden strives to be a trans-disciplinary space supporting the academic and non-academic values of a community college through sustainable urban agriculture and local food production.”

We will provide access to students, faculty, staff, and the wider community, with the purpose of developing a beautiful and nurturing space where it can continue to be used for educational and enriching activities and experiences including research and instruction while growing nutritious, organic vegetables and produce.

Our goals:

  • To improve food security for those in need by providing garden beds for various purposes, including for specific classes, as labs for classes, for student run CFG club, employees of the college, and members of the wider community.
  • To improve nutritional awareness and promote healthy eating habits by encouraging gardening, providing fresh, organic produce, and offering educational programs on topics such as nutrition, food access and justice and cooking.
  • To provide opportunities for positive social interaction and recreation in a beautiful, non-threatening atmosphere where all individuals of all ages and backgrounds may interact in a variety of healthy pursuits.
  • To increase the number of gardeners by offering Continuing Education programs to the community at large.
  • To promote the health and well-being of participants with special needs by providing accessible gardening space, ergonomic tools, and programs designed to encourage physical strength and mental balance through the accessibility department
  • To nurture curiosity and provide hands-on learning opportunities for students by providing gardening space.

Office Hours: Seasonal
Office Location: Between T8 and T2
Office Telephone #: 718.368.6578
Office Email: