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Why Choose CD

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Why Choose College Discovery (CD)

  1. The recent rate of CD students graduating within 3 years of entering college was 38.4%, as compared to 25.5% of regular admitted students overall.
  2. When you start at Kingsborough as a CD student, you can transfer to Special Programs (SEEK, EOP, or HEOP). Click here 96 colleges to see list of participating schools) throughout New York and continue to receive benefits as you work towards a bachelor's degree.
  3. In addition to tuition assistance, you receive a check every semester for education-related expenses (books and supplies).
  4. A team of experienced and dedicated staff supports you every step of the way.

About the Program

College Discovery provides financial, academic, and counseling support to students entering college for the first time. With financial assistance, a personal counselor to help you plan a path to graduation and personal tutors to help you stay on track, you are more likely to be in good academic standing and to graduate on time as a College Discovery student.

Financial Benefits

As a College Discovery student you receive financial aid in the form of PELL and TAP grants which allow you to attend Kingsborough tuition-free for up to 6 semesters*. In addition to financial aid, you will receive up to $2,600 over a period of 6 semesters* in:

  • At least $400 each semester for school-related expenses (books and supplies)
  • Student Activity Fee assistance ($85/semester)

*if you remain financially eligible

To join College Discovery you must be financially eligible. Click here to see if you are eligible.

The Financial Aid Office is responsible for reviewing a student's family income to determine eligibility. This is done at our mandatory Enrollment Information Session. To learn more click here.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the overall growth and development of our students through a holistic and individualized approach. The program facilitates their academic success via culturally and linguistically appropriate support services. Our goal is to obtain the highest retention and graduation rates with students going on to baccalaureate programs and beyond. Our program offers students a variety of support services such as counseling, new student orientation, leadership skills development through various clubs, supplemental instruction, and financial aid.