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Mailroom Services

Services Days Time Notes
USPS Morning Mail Pick Up and Sorting Monday Friday 9:00AM The Mailroom picks up college mail at the USPS, Bay Station. Mail is sorted and distributed to college departments and is normally ready for pick up in the mailroom by 10:00AM. Receiving Personal Mail or Packages at the college address is not permitted. Personal mail or packages will be returned to sender.
USPS Afternoon Mail Drop-Off Monday Friday By 2:00PM The Mailroom drops off college mail at the USPS, Bay Station. Mail dropped off in the Mailroom after 2:00PM will be taken to the Post Office the following business day.
UPS Overnight Service Monday Friday By 2:00PM Overnight Items that miss the 2:00PM deadline, may not be picked up by the UPS driver until the next business day.
Deliveries Monday - Friday As Needed The Mailroom delivers oversize parcels, packages, and print jobs, printed in the college print shop, that are over 1,000 sheets.
Staffing permitted, deliveries can also be made by request.
Certified Mail Monday - Friday By 2:00PM Certified Mail provides proof of delivery via a signature, and an optional return receipt. Certified mail is normally used for important business or legal mail. Certified Mail Forms can be picked up at the Mailroom and are available upon request.  
Messenger Service Limited By 9:00AM Messenger service is provided on a limited, critical need basis such as payroll pick-up and other top priority college business. Please call the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration to schedule a messenger run, at extension 5028. Messenger calls should be scheduled by 9:00AM.