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Nursing Program Entrance Requirements
Admission to Kingsborough Community College does not guarantee admission to the Nursing Program. The Nursing Program consists of two components, Pre-Clinical and Clinical. To enter the Clinical Component, students must first complete the Pre-Clinical Sequence of the program. To obtain specific information about college admission requirements and/or to obtain an application contact:, or call 1-718-368-4600.

Enrollment in the Nursing Curriculum:  Students must be enrolled in the Pre-Clinical Component. Students who are not officially designated in the Pre-Clinical student group must apply for a Change of Curriculum during the time period noted on the official academic calendar of the college.  This calendar is available on the KCC website or can be obtained at the Office of the Registrar, A-201.

To be considered for the Clinical Component of the Nursing Program, a student must comply with the following:

  1. Be enrolled in the Pre-Clinical Component. Student must complete an application for Pre-Clinical Nursing during the period noted on the Academic Calendar.  The application is obtained in the Registrar’s Office.  The student must see a nursing counselor to discuss their academic performance and obtain a advisor’s signature on the application. The application is submitted to the Nursing Department (M401);
  2. english and math proficient as determined by the CUNY Proficiency Index, unless otherwise exempt, or successful completion of any required developmental course(s). before completion of the four (4) courses in the Pre-Clinical Sequence;
  3. complete the four (4) courses in the Pre-Clinical Sequence: ENG 1200, PSY 1100, BIO 1100 and SCI 2500;
  4. complete the four courses the Pre-Clinical Sequence with at least a grade point average of 2.5 and earn at least two (2) B’s (one of which must be in SCI 2500 or BIO 1100);
  5. students who has repeated and/or withdrawn from any of the Pre-Clinical Sequence courses may not be considered for admission to the Nursing program;
  6. all grades received for courses taken in the Pre-Clinical Sequence at Kingsborough will be included in the Pre-Clinical average computation;
  7. submit transcripts from other colleges (NOTE: Letter grades received in the Pre-Clinical Sequence courses at other colleges will be used to determine eligibility for admission); any biological science course more than 10 years old will not be accepted for exemption or credit;
  8. perform satisfactorily on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam.
  9. transfer students from other colleges must be in good academic standing. A student, who is on academic probation or has been administratively dismissed from a Nursing program at a previous school, is not eligible for admission to the Nursing Program;
  10. the student must earn a minimum of “C” in all pre- and co-requisite courses inclusive of BIO 1200, BIO 5100, ENG 2400, PSY 3200, and SOC 3100. Students who have repeated and/or withdrawn from these courses may not be considered for admission to the Nursing Program.
  1. Students are permitted to defer with a valid reason for one semester only and with the approval of the Chairperson of the Nursing Department.  Upon approval the student must enter the program the following semester.  Failure to do so will result in the need to reapply to the program following all the criteria for admission, inclusive of retaking the TEAS.



June 24, 2020


Effective immediately, all CUNY nursing programs will consider applicants for admission who are eligible for licensing in New York under the regulations of the New York State Education Department. The regulation provides eligibility for citizens and non-citizens who are “not unlawfully present,” including those with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and those permanently residing in the United States under color of law (PRUCOL). 

Applicants may demonstrate eligibility through documents that verify that they meet the required criteria. The most common documents include:

  1. Proof of U.S. citizenship through a birth certificate, U.S. passport, naturalization certificate, or a certificate of citizenship.
  2. Proof of legal permanent resident status with what is known as a “Green Card”.
  3. Proof of various eligible categories, listed below, generally through an employment authorization document (EAD) or other satisfactory documentation.  


Eligible immigration categories:


  1. International student with F-1 status
  2. Asylee
  3. Refugee 
  4. Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  5. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) 
  6. Individuals paroled into the United States whose parole has not expired
  7. Persons residing in the U.S. pursuant to an Order of Supervision
  8. Persons granted a stay of deportation/removal
  9. Persons granted an indefinite voluntary departure
  10. Persons on whose behalf an immediate relative petition has been approved
  11. Persons who have filed an application for adjustment of status to permanent resident
  12. Persons granted Deferred Action Status
  13. Persons who entered and have continuously residency in the U.S. before 01/01/1972
  14. Persons granted suspension of deportation or cancellation of removal
  15. Cuban/Haitian entrants
  16. Persons with a pending application for asylum, withholding of removal or deportation, protection under the Convention Against Torture (CAT), cancellation of removal, or TPS
  17. Persons in T or U non-immigrant status
  18. Self-petitioner under the Violence Against Women Act
  19. Other persons living in the U.S. who are not unlawfully present



Notice to Students on Criminal Background Checks

  • Current laws generally permit a state licensing board or agency to deny a license to practice nursing if the applicant has been convicted of a felony or other specified crime. Like many state licensing boards, the Office of the Professions of the New York State Education Department requires that a criminal background check be conducted prior to granting a license to practice nursing.


The Department of Nursing at Kingsborough Community College does not require a criminal background check for admittance, but the Department’s educational requirements include placement at one or more hospitals or other off-campus clinical training sites and these sites frequently require a student to undergo a criminal background check before the student can be placed for clinical training.  Therefore, all clinical students will be required to have a criminal background check completed prior to the start of the initial clinical practice experience. The cost for this clinical requirement is the student’s responsibility.

A student may also have to complete more than one criminal background check during the course of the Nursing Program at Kingsborough Community College, depending on the number of sites where they are placed and the requirements of each site.

If the student receives a negative incident finding from a criminal background check result, the student must resolve that issue before the start of the clinical practice experience. This may require that the student withdraw or not be permitted to register for the course for the semester until the issue is satisfactorily resolved. There are NO alternative clinical placements.

Please note that if a student is not permitted to take part in a clinical practice experience required by the program based on the results of a criminal background check, the student may be unable to complete the course requirements. It is important for a student to consider this before enrolling in any course of the Nursing Program. Kingsborough Community College has no obligation to refund tuition or fees or to otherwise accommodate the student in the event they are ineligible to complete the course requirements based on the results of a criminal background check.