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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies



Since the fall of 1994, the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Concentration at Kingsborough Community College has remained an important and innovative site of academic inquiry. This concentration is open to all students. Students must take "Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies" and nine more elective credits from three of four groups, most of which count towards Pathways and your Liberal Arts Concentration. In this concentration, students will analyze structures of power and dimensions of difference by focusing on gender and the ways in which it intersects with other social identities, such as race, class, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, ability, age, religion, among others. They will learn about concepts of sex/gender systems, histories of social movements, interdisciplinary modes of inquiry, political debates, and cultural productions. They will engage in feminist knowledge projects in both disciplinary locations like English and history and interdisciplinary locations like LGBTQ Studies and Ethnic Studies. Students will challenge dominant narratives of power relations and social inequalities, explore different angles of vision, reposition marginalized groups across location, and link critical examination and practical intervention in their lives and in the world through civic engagement.

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Learning Outcome

A learning outcome for a concentration is a statement of what all students of that concentration will learn from the concentration. Ours states that all students will learn to:

Recognize and interpret ways that gender as a category for analysis shapes the socio-historical and political position of women through an interdisciplinary and multicultural framework.

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