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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  • How do I change my major?

    Obtain "change of curriculum" form in A101. Have it signed by the department of your current major, the department for your new major, and a college counselor in room C102.Return completed form to A101.

  • How do I change my program?

    Go to late registration, usually held in room U219 during the first week of the semester. If the course you wish to add is open you may complete the change immediately.If the course is closed you must see a business dept. advisor who will assist you in making a change. For changes after the late registration period is over, see an advisor.

  • How do I withdraw from a course after the semester is started? Obtain withdrawal form in A101.Have it signed by the professor, a counselor in room C102, and financial aid in U201.Return completed form to A101.This must be completed by the official withdrawal date which varies by semester.Consult the current college calendar for the date. Students that do not officially withdraw from a course by completing the above steps are usually issued a WU by their professor.

  • What should I take next semester?

    During the second week of the semester students should set up advisement appointment.During the appointment a business department advisor will help the student plan their next two academic semesters.

  • When do I register for next semester?

    Students will receive registration information in the mail. They will also be informed of a specific date and time to register. In order to know what course to register for make sure to schedule an advisement appointment after the first week of the semester.

  • What should I do about an Incomplete?

    An Incomplete may be issued by a Professor when you have not completed all of the required work for a course or have not taken the final exam.If you receive an incomplete, speak to your Professor as soon as possible. Do not register for the course again without first speaking to the professor. A student has 6 months from the end of the semester to complete the missing work. If you do not complete the course at the end of 6 months the grade will be changed to an F. The impact of an F grade is explained below.

  • How does an WU grade affect my GPA?

    A WU grade is issued by a Professor due to excessive absence or lateness.It is equivalent to an F grade when your GPA is calculated.If a student retakes the course and earns an A, B, or C the WU will remain on the transcript but will no longer be averaged into the GPA.

  • How does an F grade affect my GPA?

    An F grade is averaged into a student's GPA.If a student retakes the course and earns an A, B, or C the F will remain on the transcript but will no longer be averaged into the GPA.

  • What about D grades?

    D grades are considered passing but are not usually accepted for transfer credit at four year schools. Although students may retake the course to improve their GPA, the original D grade will continue to be averaged into their GPA.

  • What is the proper procedure for resolving class problems?

    Students having a problem in a class should speak to their instructor directly either before or after class or during the instructor's office hours. If speaking to the professor fails to solve the problem the student may make an appointment to see the Chair of the Business Department in room M 355 or their academic advisor.

  •  Formal Complaint Form

    Complete this form (type or print neatly) and submit to Business Department Assistant in M355.