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Polysomnographic Technology

Polysomnographic TechnologyPolysomnographic Technology Career Types/Path

Career Types/Path

Upon graduating from this program, you will be eligible to take the RPSGT exam. Passing the RPSGT exam and graduating from a New York State approved program in Polysomnographic Technology is required to obtain a license to practice as a polysomnographic technologist in New York.

Employment Outlook estimates the salary for a polysomnographic (sleep) technologist in New York City ranges from $56,327 (10th percentile) to $84,410 (90th percentile), with a median of $69,700. Working as a sleep technologist is ideal for many college students looking for a career that will allow them to pursue further education, as most sleep laboratories require a full-time technologist to work three-12 hours shifts per week.

This type of schedule allows the technologist excellent flexibility to take daytime coursework. It also provides an income to support independent living in New York City while paying for tuition at a senior CUNY college. Others not interested in further education will also like the flexibility of working three-nights per week, which allows them to spend more time with family; this is particularly useful for single parents.