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Maria Popova


By: Maria Popova
College Now Course - BA 10

As a manager at Macy's, I would utilize the contemporary Theory Z and Positive Reinforcement Theory in order to motivate the workers in my department. I would also make use of motivational techniques such as Job Enrichment, Flex time, and Telecommuting. I believe that these theories and techniques would motivate the workers by showing appreciation for their accomplishments and by offering them some control over their working hours and environment.

I would apply Theory Z in my management of workers because I believe that it creates a family out of a department. Such practices as long-term employment, collective decision making and informal control decreases the competition amongst the employees as they begin to work together to achieve a common goal. The employees' individual contributions to the department, nonetheless, is still noted as they are given individual responsibilities and are provided with moderately specialized career paths. Along with Theory Z, I would also utilize Positive Reinforcement Theory. I believe that the workers should be rewarded for their accomplishments and recognized for their achievements. When praised for their good work, the employees would become enthusiastic and will try to perform well in the future.

In addition to utilizing motivation theories, I would introduce some motivational techniques in my department at Macy's. Job Enrichment, the addition of challenges to a worker's job, would be introduced first. I believe that when workers are challenged by their tasks, they develop a greater interest for their work and are more motivated to perform best. Flex Time would be another of my motivational techniques. I believe that workers would appreciate the freedom to make their own schedules in the nowadays' hectic lifestyles and would become more motivated. Telecommunting, although somewhat expensive, is yet another technique that would stimulate the workers, as they would be given a chance to work outside of the office. For the employees, having an ability to do work at home might make a great difference in their personal lives. Thus, this technique, along with others, allows getting the job done, while satisfying and motivating my employees.

Overall, I believe that by applying the Theory Z and Positive Reinforcement Theory, along with a number of motivational techniques, I would be able to motivate the workers at my department in Macy's. The tasks would be completed while the workers would become enthusiastic and motivated.