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Andrea Petito

College Now Experience

By: Andrea Petito

In my high school experience, I have taken 3 College Now classes: Communications, Business, and Science. The one I feel I'm going to get the most out of is SCI 1. This course was not only fun, but it was very educational too. I have learned many new things from this course that I will be able to take with me in the future.

I feel that this class also gave me a chance to have a first hand look at what college classes were really like. Not only were we learning advanced information, being in the class made me feel like I was really in a college environment.

I always have had a problem in science, and I thought that by taking this class I would really have to struggle. I was really happy once I realized that if I just pay attention, I could learn a lot and actually understand it. This class was my favorite College Now class because it made me actually enjoy science.