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Rayma Garraway

College Now

By: Rayma Garraway

Currently, I'm a junior at Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School. It has been made aware to me that in less than a year's time I will be officially part of a college class. Through joining college survival, I was given the opportunity to be exposed to college life. I have come to realize that with the basic college survival background that I've received through the different sessions, I will be able to succeed during my stay in college. Learning ways to prevent frustration and stress will be useful in making decisions. My oral communications skills have been strengthened and improved during the program. I've observed that time management is one of the keys to my success in becoming hotel/restaurant and hair salon management.

The program taught me how to organize my ideas and set time schedules, which are to be kept. Being taught the techniques as to how to approach colleges that I would be interested in, made my final decision definite. Knowing all the major and minor information a particular college makes me feel more comfortable in applying to it. I was also taught how to research not only the major information, but also the minor information. Some of the benefits I've received was the skills to success and reach my goals and even more. Several of the skills I am able to use immediately in my daily life. Such skills include analyzing, organizing and independent thinking.

However, what makes this experience more special is the fact that I received a firm foundation on college education before actually being in one. I have absorbed the skills to work with people, which will play a very important role in my career. I would honestly say it has made me a more responsible person. I'm hoping to continue this program or similar ones till the end of my high school years and do hope for other students like me to be given the chance at such opportunity in the future. I was fortunate enough to have been enrolled.