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Melissa Delsoin


By: Melissa Delsoin

"Dreams are real. All you have to do is just believe."
Dreams are in your mind all throughout the days and nights.
It's the thought of where you wanna be in life.
Some might say you'll never make it,
You'll never see your name up in lights. It won't be your voice blasting through the
speakers only because they don't believe in us.
Don't let anything, or anyone stand in your way.
Even though there might be those who try to make it hard for you, there still be them
who'll always see the star in you.
One thing fa'sho', I know I'ma make it whether it's practicing law or rehearsing for
Whether it's defending John Schmo or performing a Summer Jam show,
Whether it's calling upon witness or standing with my award, reciting from my many
"thank you" lists,
Whether it's reviewing for a case in my office or recording my next platinum
album in a studio,
It might be dreams but one thing's fa' sho.'
As long as I believe