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Rostislav Boltyanskiy

The Gift of Knowledge

By: Rostislav Boltyanskiy
College Now Course - SD 10

"Knowledge is in itself power" said one of the greatest European philosophers Francis Bacon. It is a power to understand, to analyze and to have control over things that are physically unseen. I value knowledge immensely and that is why I decided to become a tutor in my school. In Edward R. Murrow High School we have several programs where students are encouraged to become tutors and help other students in various topics. I am involved in the "Peer Tutoring" Program where I help my peers in Social Studies, and the "SWAT team" where I tutor math. It is an extraordinary experience to move a person to a new level of understanding even if it is something that may seem insignificant.

I believe teaching is a colossal importance to humanity because it is the tool of progress. It is something that makes us what we are today. Even though it is clear that my help as a tutor is infinitesimal at this point, I feel great being a particle in the great force pushing for knowledge, pushing for learning, pushing for progress. No help is ever ineffective, no effort is ever wasted, no attempt is ever a failure because it all adds to the base of our learning experience.

Teaching someone is not only beneficial for the community and it doesn't only help the people I tutor, it is also a sublime feeling to see someone understand a little more because of what you have done. I feel that I have changed something one cannot see but only detect the effects of the change. I cannot see brain cells working and I cannot see a person getting smarter as I teach, but I can see eyes sparkling, I can see a smile breaking through a lighting face, and I know I have succeeded. It is a triumph that I feel inside at achieving my goal and satisfying someone else at the same time. I try to help with any subject I have some knowledge of. I love math and I am always hungry for a good math question or a person willing to be taught. Also teaching and tutoring helps one overcome the fear of asking questions. Being a tutor I realize how much we, as human beings depend on cooperation and fraternity. We need someone to share with us what we are lacking for this is how we survive. This goes far beyond the concepts of math or social studies - it is a life lesson.

I encourage everyone to get at least a bit of the feeling I get teaching for there is nothing to be lost in an attempt. Make a difference by teaching. Knowledge is a gift that could not be bought or otherwise obtained, only learning is the tool of achieving it. Learning is an expedition, an exploration, a voyage that never ends and always discovers something new.