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Jessie Blacwood

College Now Experience

By: Jessie Blacwood

I have been a part of the College Now Science class during my senior year in high school. It has really compelled me to think more scientifically. I enjoyed this class immensely because I was always learning new things in every class.

This class was an actual college class where I was in an actual college environment. Everything wasn't spelled out for me like in high school. I wasn't treated like a little child. I was treated like an adult. The class was a new experience because of the responsibility that was entailed.

I am not one to participate a lot in class, but being in this class I felt comfortable enough to speak my mind. The discussions in class were sophisticated and knowledgeable.

My thoughts and abilities were enhanced, and I gained a great sense of maturity from the College Now Science class. The college class has been, by far, the best, and I enjoyed every minute of it.